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Katerra Exotics produces pasture-raised bison and other grass-fed meats. Our name comes from the combination of “Katy” (the city where we live) and the word “terra” (Latin for land). Even though bison is native to America, it is still commonly considered an exotic meat. The Bierschwale family has been active in the buffalo industry since 1980 when Patrick’s grandfather, Roy, acquired his first herd on his Texas ranch. Today, Patrick and his father, Pat, operate two ranches. The original ranch is located in the Frio Canyon just outside of Leakey, TX. This is where the main production herd is located. There, the bison graze freely on hardy Texas Hill Country grasses. Our newest ranch is located in the heart of the Katy prairie. Our family lives full time on this ranch with the bison and other animals. Each year, weaned calves from Leakey are brought to the Katy ranch where they can graze on the rich prairie grasses for a couple of years. Our animals are harvested at the prime meat producing age of 2-3 years. Our objective is to keep animal stress level low and work them as little as possible by allowing them to graze freely in the fields. Keeping the animal calm produces a far superior cut of meat. We care about the health of our animals and our customers. Our bison are never given growth hormones or antibiotics and our pastures are never treated with fertilizers or pesticides. Animals are processed locally and the meat is sold at local markets as well as shipped (limited distance) directly from our ranch to you. We strive to produce the highest quality meat possible.

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